About WellPlayed

Our Challenge

To build a video game connection platform that’s free to use, and allows you to grow a squad of like-minded gamers who you want to play with – whatever the game or device.


The idea for the WellPlayed Project came from a bunch of gamers in the place where all good ideas come from, over a drink at a bar. We originally became friends playing Destiny, and somehow managed to stay in touch – with the intention of meeting up on other game platforms, and in the real world whenever we found ourselves in the same neck of the woods.

Soon enough, we had the ‘wouldn’t it be great if…’ moment that led us to form WellPlayed:

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a platform that helped us find like-minded players… one that lets you stay in contact – when you want, how you want, where you want?’.

The first step in making this a reality was to make sure it wasn’t an idea that just sounded good over a beer. We pulled together a research team and sought out people who play online video games, to ask if they’d use a connection tool like this. The answer? A resounding ‘yes’. Here are just some of the reasons why…

WellPlayed is now partnering with Movember (and you) to make this idea a reality.

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By being part of WellPlayed you can:

Tell It
Give your opinion on why it’s important to connect with other players in online multiplayer video games, and what you think are the best features for making this happen.

Test It
Use platforms online and through events.

Win It
Get prizes and rewards as you help us build the platform.

The WellPlayed Project is a team of video game nerds who somehow wrangled their way into jobs in video game play. Working across the Queensland University of Technology, University of Waterloo, Canada, University of York, UK and The Mind Room in Melbourne, their combined focus is on games, interactive design, social network analysis and psychology. This project team is partnering with Movember, and working with an advisory group from the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association, The Binary Mill and Valve Software. We've also been building partnerships along the way with Netherworld Arcade Bar, QUT eSports Arena and Zen Gaming Lounge.

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