Prizes & incentives


How do I win an XBOX One X or Playstation 4 Pro console?

We're hosting a series of online events in 2019. Everytime you register and play in an event you'll go in the draw to win your choice of either an XBOX One X or Playstation 4 Pro console. That gives you five chances to enter!

We'll be gearing up for our final 2019 event in November as part of the Movember campaign and will be drawing the major prize after the event.


How do I win a Valve Family and Friends key?

With a Valve Family and Friends key, you and your friends will have access to all of Valve's past and future games!

Two opportunities to win:

1. You'll go into the draw by registering and playing with your squad across the event - we have 25 to give away

2. After the event, head to the WellPlayed Project Facebook page and post a favourite squad moment to go into the draw - we have five to give away

It may be a blooper, awesome teamwork or any in-game story that you want to share. You can tell this story however you want – in-game video, photo or screenshot, gifs, comments etc. 

Remember to include your squad number and gamertag so we know who you are if you win.