Past Events

Netherworld Event

Sun 13 May, 12:00pm

Netherworld Arcade Bar hosted WellPlayed’s first event! Squads of like-minded gamers tested WellPlayed’s first prototype features and went into the draw to win an XBOX One X or PlayStation 4 Pro console.

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Movember Videogame Challenge

Sun 25 Nov, 2:00pm

WellPlayed's online event brought together gamers of all skill levels to play Brawlhalla and Path of Exile. Players formed their own squads or were matched in squads using our playstyle matching algorithm.

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March Online

Sun 17 Mar, 2:00pm

The first in a series of event for 2019, March Online brought together gamers of all skill levels to play Atlas Reactor and Ring of Elysium. We also introduced our first expert game tutorial, which was live streamed immediately prior to the event.

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May Online

Wed 08 May, 6:30pm

This event was hosted as part of Movember's MAYEIGHT!! Social Connectedness Campaign. It was an evening of prosocial gaming and APEX LEGENDS adventures where people reached out to mates to form squads or were matched to play.

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