Sunday 13 May 2018
12:00pm - 5:00pm AEST

Netherworld Event


Netherworld Arcade Bar hosted WellPlayed’s first event! Squads of like-minded gamers tested WellPlayed’s first prototype features and went into the draw to win an XBOX One X or PlayStation 4 Pro console. 

Gamers were matched in squads based on playstyle preferences and shared interests to play Raskulls, Death Squared and Gang Beasts. There were also some hilarious games of Gang Beasts on the big screen for whoever wanted to strut their Gang Beast stuff.

The Fortnite mentoring station was a big hit and fully booked across the afternoon. We heard the message loud and clear that opportunities to be mentored enhance your gaming experience.  

The Netherworld Event was a great way for social gamers to come together and play video games… and the winner of the X Box One X had a pretty great day all round. 

It was also a chance to talk to people about their experience of being matched and mentored so that WellPlayed can support social gaming.


Here’s a few interesting things that you told us…

Value of being matched on Playstyle preferences:

 - Playstyle matching is particularly useful when playing a game for the first time 

 - Playstyle matching can help you feel more comfortable when playing with strangers and helps you understand how people will adapt to different games 

 - Teamwork is a useful playstyle category, especially for games with different roles

 - Different preferences for playstyle matching might be useful for different types of games.

Being mentored helps gamers to:

 - Decide if they like the game and want to invest in it 

 - Learn specific skills to reduce feeling overwhelmed and know what to focus on when first playing the game

 - Build confidence to play with others

 - Become a better player and focus on getting better at specific parts of the game 

 - Build in-game knowledge that can be share with others.

Mentoring was also seen as a great way for friends to learn. It takes the pressure off others having to teach them and lets them to join in with more confidence. 

Not convinced about playstyle matching? Check out this in-game moment!