Sunday 17 Mar 2019
2:00pm - 5:00pm AEST

March Online


It was a great afternoon of casual gameplay with gamers joining online from home or using game ready computers at QUT eSports Arena in Brisbane and Zen Gaming Lounge in Melbourne.

TheClaw and IvanC were the winners of the $100 JB Hi-Fi vouchers, and all the players who joined the event have gone into the draw for our major prize - your choice of XBox One or Playstation Pro console, which will be drawn following our final event for the year in November.

Thanks to the e-coaches from the QUT eSports team, players were able to watch a live stream tutorial for some Ring of Elysium gameplay tips before jumping in their squads.

Ring of Elysium game tutorial

Streamer @RDiddyAU was on hand again to kick off the event and was then matched in a squad which was live streamed across the afternoon. There was some awesome in-game viewing when RDiddy's squad went up against other WellPlayed squads when playing Atlas Reactor.

It was also great to have streamer blackhuey join the event - check out this Ring of Elysium in-game moment with his squad...

"It looks pretty safe to me!"  

And Boss Squad's Atlas Reactor round-up...

"For a turn based strategy game, Atlas Reactor was FILLED with a lot of intense, clutch moments. This one had to take the cake though.

Fresh off the heels of defeating the venerable streamer RDiddlyAU 2-to-1, we set our sights on even greater opponents... medium bots. (everyone else had moved onto other games so we couldn't find a pvp match)

It was first to 5 kills, and we were on 4 each. If any of us died, it was game over.

And each of us were dangerously close to death.

We had to pull out every dash and flash we had just to survive, dodging attack after attack.

When our cooldowns were finally spent and we were on our last legs, out comes Ivan’s ult, a massive laser beam that pierced through the air, ANNIHILATING the enemy for our final kill."