Getting ready

Here's all the information you need to get set for the August Event.  

Gamer's Guide: TF2

Let's talk event games! Here's a fast guide to finding your Squad in the game and a list of game controls for keyboard and mouse.

Gamer's guide coming soon! 

Already have Steam & Discord?

Then you just have two simple steps:

Not familiar with Steam or Discord?

That’s ok, read on to find out what to do. 

Getting Ready: Steam

If you're new to Steam, this guide will walk you through creating an account, downloading games and adding friends on Steam.

Icon Setting Up Steam (456.6 KB)

Getting Ready: Discord

Haven't used Discord before? This simple guide will take you through the steps.

Icon Setting Up Discord (490.0 KB)

Have the right hardware

Click here to learn what hardware you will need to play.

Icon Right hardware (82.7 KB)

Next steps...

When you’re ready, go to My Squad to check out your squad’s gamer profiles and click on the link to jump into your squad’s Discord channel.

NB. If your being matched, your squad will start to fill the day before the event.

My Squad

Need a headset to play?

We have a limited number - they’re not great but they’ll get the job done. Email us at and we’ll send a set out to you.